Important Notification



To provide our customer (s) best out of best is always our priority. But there are chances that at times due to a communication problem there might be understanding issues regarding our Schemes & Offers where cash prizes / free gifts / sweepstakes are concerned.

We have a dedicated team to deal with such queries. Through our Live Chat Option

Alternatively you can e-mail at & get the facts cleared




It has come to our notice that people have been using our name for fraudulent transactions. We hereby inform and educate our customers on precautions they must take to ensure they are not a victim of fraudsters.

Be careful while responding to calls or emails


It might be possible that you get messages that seem or convey the impression that they are coming from seeking confidential information like asking for credit card details, bank account details, etc. Through such messages, you may be directed to websites appearing to be genuine, and asked to key-in your confidential information. 


Beware of such messages/calls/emails


Please always bear in mind that:

o NEVER asks for any confidential information such as password, customer ID and so on over an email or phone call.

o    Please remember that NEVER sends such emails to its customers asking for confidential information

o    If you are doubtful about the credibility of the email, please DO NOT click on any link provided in the email. This may trigger malicious codes being installed on your PC.

o    Before you share any information on a website in response to an email, always assure that the URL shown in the email matches the URL of the website. If it does not, you have valid reason to suspect there is something fishy. We never send email from Gmail / Yahoo / Rediffmail etc.

o    Do not call and leave any personal or account details on any telephone system, voice message, e-mail or an SMS


DO NOT transfer funds to OR share your account details with, unknown / non validated source

o    Many fraudsters ask for money to be transferred or deposited into their personal bank account or ask for details like user ID, password, PIN, etc.

o    With this information the fraudster takes money out of the account or shops online. Such requests could come to you through emails, SMS, phone calls, etc.

Please always bear in mind that:

o    Do not transfer / deposit money to unknown / non validated bank accounts, luring you with lottery winnings, etc.

o    Do not share your user id, password, PIN, CVV, etc.

o    We as a company NEVER ask for online money transfer or money to be deposited into any employee’s personal name in any account. Or if one has bought products from our website  money can be paid on our website by using the relevant option available there.

o    We never send any executive to collect the Cheque/Cash/DD.

 If you get any suspicious email, call or sms, IMMEDIATELY ask your queries Through our Live Chat Customer Support Option


 Kindly share this information with your family and friends and help them stay protected.

Company is not responsible for any verbal commitment beyond the Scheme & Offers mentioned on our website


For any complaints write an email to



Raised all your Queries to our Dedicated Team of Live Chat between 10Am to 7Pm between Mondays to Saturday in a Week.